No Scalpel Vasectomy, No Needle Vasectomy – YouTube

Vasectomies are normally performed using a needle to anesthetize and a scalpel cut through the skin.  With the “No Needle, No Scalpel vasectomy,” there are no needles or scalpels used.

Instead, a high-pressure stream of anesthetic is used to penetrate through the skin, and an instrument called a “dissector” is used to spread open the skin.  The vas is then severed using “thermo-cautery,” which is a device with a heated metallic tip, rather than a sharp scalpel.  A small titanium clip is used to close the vas sheath around the lower end so that the ends are separated by a tissue layer and less likely to grow back together.

There’s no cutting and no stitches.

The small opening is often closed up by the following day.

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