Men – Reduce Stress, Live Longer

REDUCING STRESS is always a good thing, but it appears to that not doing so can shorten your life:

Older men who lead high-stress lives, either from chronic everyday hassles or because of a series of significant life events, are likely to die earlier than the average for their peers, new research from Oregon State University shows, according to Science Daily.

“We’re looking at long-term patterns of stress — if your stress level is chronically high, it could impact your mortality, or if you have a series of stressful life events, that could affect your mortality,” said Carolyn Aldwin, director of the Center for Healthy Aging Research in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences at OSU.

Her study looked at two types of stress: the everyday hassles of such things as commuting, job stress or arguments with family and friends; and significant life events, such as job loss or the death of a spouse.

Both types appear to be harmful to men’s health, but each type of stress appears to have an independent effect on mortality. Someone experiencing several stressful life events does not necessarily have high levels of stress from everyday hassles, Aldwin said. That is determined more by how a person reacts to the stress.

The long and the short of it: learn to control your reactions to smaller things like rude drivers, inconsiderate people, traffic jams, and the like.  You’ll live a longer, more healthy life.

via Even small stressors may be harmful to men’s health, new research shows – Health – Panorama | Armenian news.