Erectile Dysfunction: Five Popular Treatments

Erectile dysfunction is estimated to affect half of all men over the age of forty. While this may seem like a ridiculous issue to have for those who are young and vital, for those currently experiencing it, it can result in fear, shame, and even embarrassment. Many men may not seek any kind of treatment because they are too embarrassed to discuss their options with a doctor, even though many viable options do exist. Here are five of the most common ways to treat this issue.

  1. A pill. Since the early nineties, there have been a variety of medications on the market to treat erectile dysfunction. These are Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra and have been widely successful for the majority of men who suffer from ED. Basically, these medications increase blood flow to the penis, creating a longer-lasting erection. Not everyone can take these pills, however, as they can cause decreased blood pressure.
  1. An injection. For those who cannot take one of the pills, there are injections that can be used to the same effect. These are generally even more effective than pills, and take immediate effect. They are a lesser known option, but for those who take a medication for blood pressure and cannot take a pill, they can be extremely effective.
  1. Surgery. In some cases, taking a pill or injection is just not an option. For those individuals, there are surgical implants that can solve the erectile dysfunction problem. There are two general types of implants, the first being a pump that can create an erection manually, and the second being a prosthesis that makes it possible to position the penis for intercourse.
  1. In some instances, erectile dysfunction has little to do with the body and more to do with the mind. Fear or performance anxiety can make it difficult for men to have or sustain an erection. In these situations, talking to a sexual health professional can help.
  1. Hormone therapy. For those that are experiencing low testosterone, low sex drive or erectile dysfunction may be a side effect. Hormone replacement therapy, to restore higher levels of testosterone can actually reduce these symptoms and make erectile dysfunction less of an issue.

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