Are you feeling less of a man? Low T may be to blame

How do you know if you are experiencing Low Testosterone (often called Low T)? Some of the symptoms of Low T may not actually point towards a lowered level of testosterone, and you may just feel tired or under the weather—but unlike a cold, which eventually passes, low testosterone usually does not go away on its own, and most men will continue to feel downtrodden unless they discuss their symptoms with a doctor and start receiving treatment.

What are the most common symptoms of low t? Here are four of the most common and recognizable symptoms.

Decreased Energy

Are you feeling tired? Downtrodden? Most men just attribute this feeling of tiredness to growing older, but for many men, it is actually a sign of decreased testosterone levels, not of advanced age. Testosterone is closely linked to a man’s energy, including his ability to metabolize the food that he eats into energy. Fatigue, especially chronic fatigue, could be a sign of low testosterone.

Changes of the Body

This is perhaps one of the most recognizable symptoms of low testosterone. When the body stops producing as much testosterone as it once did, men will start to lose muscle mass, put on weight, and even lose bone density. If it has always been easy to stay fit and trim, if building muscle was always as easy as doing a few push-ups and eating plenty of protein, you will likely quickly notice weight gain and lost muscle mass. Testosterone plays a serious role in metabolism, and once there is less of this hormone in your system, it will be more difficult to build muscle and much easier to put on fat.

Mood Changes

Changes in mood may happen gradually or you may suddenly notice that you just do not feel yourself. Depressed mood is one of the most common and serious side effects of low testosterone and can be one of the most serious.

Low Sex Drive

Loss of sex drive or sexual dysfunction will lead to lowered sexual activity. Testosterone is the driving hormone between sex drive, and low testosterone levels means lowered desire and a lowered ability to perform.


If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms, there are ways to increase your testosterone levels and restore your energy, fitness, mood, and sex drive.  You don’t have to suffer.    Contact MDforMen now for help.

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