6 Penis Problems That Happen With Age

Age gets everyone luck to live long enough…but it doesn’t have to be all bad.  This article discusses six problems with penises that happen with age, and gives some good advice on how to deal with them:

You’d like to think that at least some areas of our bodies will be spared the indignities of aging, but one day you realize: Mr. Happy gets older, too. “You don’t wake up one morning and realize it is different. It’s a gradual process, but starting around age 40, the changes become more noticeable,” says Madeleine Castellanos, M.D., author of“Penis Problems: A Man’s Guide.” So what does it mean when a penis looks and acts different?

If the measures they propose don’t work for you, another alternative is MDForMen, who can help with Erectile Dysfunction, Hypogonadism and Low Testosterone.

6 Penis Problems That Happen With Age | Alternet.