Preventing Age-Related Muscle Loss and more

Today’s article is from Dear Mark, a website devoted to primal living in a modern world.  Mark advocates a primal diet, good sleep, and lots of exercise. And he knows the science behind this lifestyle.

For today’s edition of Dear Mark, we’ve got three questions and three answers. First up is a question from Casey, whose father is losing strength and muscle despite maintaining an active lifestyle. What can he do — dietarily and otherwise — to staunch and reverse the losses? Next, Australian cattle farmers are increasingly turning to sprouted grain as a replacement for standard grain feed. How does it compare to pasture feeding? Are there nutritional differences between sprouted and regular grain fodder? And finally, what do we make of the recent study showing negative effects in cyclists who ate a high-pistachio diet for two weeks? Should we rethink our stance on pistachios — and nuts in general?

A good read for all ages, specifically tailored for men, but applicable for women, as well.  One of his suggestions is Testosterone shots – available at MDforMen for those who need it.  MDforMen will help you find out if it a good choice for you.

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