How Does The Penis Change With Age?

Like the rest of your body, your penis does age.  And there are several possible ways for that to show:

  • Sensitivity
  • Appearance
  • Size (gulp!)
  • Curvature

Of course, one result is the well known problem of Erectile Dysfunction:

In the advanced years, it’s not just getting the erection in the first place that can be a problem. Reaching orgasm can also become difficult, and as for getting another erection soon afterwards, this is something which is left behind in your twenties!

With age the quality and volume of sperm decreases as well, which can be a concern if you have left it late to have children. The muscles of the bladder become weaker and often the prostate many become enlarged and lead to urinary problems.

But don’t start worrying just yet.  MDforMen can help offset many of these problems, and help insure a healthy and active sex life as you age.

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Source: How Does The Penis Change With Age? | Step Up Your Sex Life