The First U.S. Penis Transplant

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The first U.S Penis Transplant! Incredible!

It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come in the past few years.  And now our veterans are getting some the treatment they deserve, treatment not available before:  a penis transplant:

Doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital performed the first U.S. penis transplant, they said Monday, calling it a “landmark procedure.”

Thomas Manning, 64, is recovering well after the 15-hour procedure performed by a team of over 50 surgeons, doctors and nurses, this month, according to the hospital. Manning, of Halifax, Massachusetts, had his penis amputated after he was diagnosed with penile cancer in 2012.
The procedure, also described by the doctors as a “surgical milestone,” is called a gentitourinary vascularized composite allograft, or GUVCA.
It involves “surgically grafting the complex microscopic vascular and neural structures of a donor organ onto the comparable structures of the recipient.”
Put another way, “surgeons connected the intricate vascular and nerve structures of a donor penis with those of the 64-year-old transplant recipient,” the hospital said.
The first patient in the U.S has a ways to go, but hopes to regain full functionality for a man his age.  And there is a track record he can count on:
In December 2014, doctors at Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa, performed the first penis transplant in a nine-hour operation.
The patient was a 21-year-old man whose penis was amputated after severe complications from a circumcision during a coming-of-age ceremony.
Doctors waited three months to declare the surgery a success, once his urinary and reproductive functions were restored. In June, the man had impregnated his girlfriend.


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