Understanding a Woman’s Brain

Understanding a Woman’s Brain
When something goes wrong, a women’s immediate reaction is, “Is it my fault?” Problems in the bedroom are no different.  When a man can’t perform, it’s not only embarrassing and frustrating for the man but can be a shameful experience for the woman as well.  Here’s a glimpse into a woman’s internal dialogue after a failed sexual attempt in sequential order.
Oh I hope it works this time. –> Please, let it work this time–> Oh, no, it’s not.–> Does he still find me attractive?–> I bet he doesn’t. –> I wonder if it’s because I ate those 5 cookies? –>I did see extra cellulite in the mirror. –> I knew I should have started going to the gym last month. –> Or…maybe he’s met someone? –> I bet she’s younger than me. –> She’s probably strong and doesn’t eat 5 cookies in one sitting like me. –> She definitely doesn’t have disgusting cellulite like I do. –> Ugh.. I hate being so fat..–> I’m just not worthy.

Sound crazy?! Yes, it probably is, but I promise, after years of listening to dialog with partners, you can probably cut and paste this talk track into most situations and find that most women will relate.  At no point will the idea that 80-90% of the ED is from a true medical condition.  Women need to be educated. Their partner’s ED is NOT their fault. It’s not because they’re fat. It’s not because there is someone else. ED is like the canary in the coal mine.  We need to encourage our partners to address this early.

Get the Conversation Started
Whether you’re a man or a woman, initiating the dialogue with your partner is tough.  You may want to start by rehearsing what you want to say.  Admit that this topic can be a bit embarrassing but it is important for the relationship to have an open dialogue about ED.  Tell your partner how ED affects you.  Let you partner know that you learned that are many treatment options for ED and that 80-90% of the time, ED is not psychological but is caused from a physical medical condition.

Call To Action
Call MD for Men to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kuang or Dr. Corica to discuss ED treatment options. Attend one of our free seminars on ED. Ask your partner to join you and join in on the conversation. It’s time to take action, let MD for Men help.