Bucket List

What’s on your bucket list?

While never really having considered having a bucket list myself, I was challenged early in my career at MD for Men to consider what I might put on mine at an office get together Dr. Kuang was orchestrating.

He told all of us in the room to pick one thing from our bucket list that was attainable within the next 365 days and challenge ourselves to actually do it. That wasn’t the only kicker, however. We also had to write it down on a slip of paper with our phone number and trade off anonymously with the other attendees. The idea was that after a year, assuming you still held onto the random slip of paper you’d picked out of a hat, you’d call or text the person to see if they had really followed through on their bucket list item. Being accountable to not just yourself made it a touch more real, more like a task you couldn’t just keep on that list any longer. Suffice to say I did not follow through on my bucket list item but not for lack of trying.

I went around the office to get the staff’s bucket list items to share with you all. Take some of ours, add them to yours and don’t forget to work hard at checking them off!

Dr. Kuang: Backpack down to the waterfalls of Havasupai

Dr. Corica: Hike the Grand Canyon

Natasha: Visit Puerto Rico

Jennifer: Visit Greece

Audra: Move to Alaska

David: Visit Italy

Ashley: Learn French

Let us know how you did!