Help Redefine a Healthy Diet

Help improve labeling to make Healthy Diet possible for everyone

The Federal Government issues guidelines to help people eat healthy diets, always based on current science findings at the time. What’s interesting is how radically the science has changed over time. From 1958 until 1992, the USDA’s food guide to a healthy diet was a rectangle illustrating four food groups: dairy, meat, fruits and vegetables, and grains.

Starting in 1992, the federal government promoted the Food Pyramid as the gold standard, something millions of people used a guide when growing up.  As it so happens, there were serious issues with the pyramid, and it was abandoned, even after a redesign in 2005.

Food Pyramid

The federal government issued new healthy eating guidelines in 2011 (download it here).  But they are not done yet. They’re taking a long hard look at food labeling–and they want input from you and I. Growing pressure from a more health conscious market has pushed the need for better food labeling but it certainly won’t happen overnight.

The latest revision of emphasized calories and serving portions took nearly nine years to finalize.

Make sure and send in your suggestions now, our grandchildren might just be lucky enough to see the outcomes.