MD for Men’s Dr. Kuang talks about WHY a man would want a Vasectomy – Video

Why a man would want a Vasectomy

What reasons do men give for getting a vasectomy?  Listen to Dr. Wayne Kuang, of MD for Men, discuss what he has learned over the years he has counseled men on vasectomies:

There are plenty of reasons why a man would want a vasectomy:

  • He wants to take one for the team
    • His wife done enough
    • They have enough kids
    • Quality of life
  • It’s too expensive to raise yet another child
    • Cost of schooling
    • Sports and activities
    • College costs
  • A more enjoyable sex life
    • No worries about a surprise child
    • More opportunities to have fun
    • Remove the worry from the act

You probably have reasons of your own, as well.

Just remember, it doesn’t have to be painful, and it doesn’t take long for the procedure.

One visit to the clinic, 10 to 15 minutes for the procedure, a few minutes in the recovery lounge, and off you go.

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It’s time.