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Causes of ED NEW

Health Issues

Medical problems that affect the nerves, blood vessels and hormone levels and cause erectile dysfunction include but are not limited to the following:
Clogged blood vessels (40%). Erectile dysfunction can predict heart attacks since the blood vessels in the penis are smaller than the ones in your heart so men will have erectile dysfunction before they get chest pain. Community Alert: If you have erectile dysfunction without a history of heart problems, make an appointment to see your local cardiologist to make sure the “‘ole ticker’ is working fine!!
Diabetes (30%). Diabetes can damage the small blood vessels and nerves of your body. Where do you have such small vessels and nerves?….The Penis!…Thus making it difficult to get or keep an erection.
Medications (15%). In this age of “polypharmacia” (Taking way too many drugs and medications from all your docs), it is important to touch base with your doc to make sure there aren’t any meds that may be causing erectile dysfunction like Beta-blockers!!
Prostate cancer surgery or radiation. The nerves for erections live right next to your prostate. Consequently, going “under the knife” with surgery or “getting fried” by radiation for your cancer can severely affect the penis. Make sure to ask about aggressive penile rehabilitation since keeping your erections is a major quality of life issue for Prostate Cancer Survivors!!


Lifestyle Choices. Obesity increases your risk of erectile dysfunction by raising your estrogen levels which is not good for guys. By starting an exercise/diet program to lose some weight you can improve your sexual function. Plus if you lose that fat over the base of your penis, you will increase the visible length of your penis. BONUS!! Drinking too much alcohol, smoking, using illegal drugs, or being to stationary can also cause erectile dysfunction.
Low Testosterone (Low T). Men who have low testosterone levels (hypogonadism) might need testosterone replacement therapy to increase sex drive and sexual performance and restore nocturnal erections/”Morning Wood!” Ask your doc about getting screened and starting therapy with pellets, injections, gels, creams or patches!
Quality of Life
Stressors in your life might be contributing to your ED. These problems can interfere with sexual feelings and make it harder for you to get things going in the bedroom:
Relationship issues, depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions are frequently a cause of ED. The medications prescribed from your docs can affect how and when you ejaculate and how you respond to erotic stimuli. Ask about seeing a Sex Therapist/Counselor to help you work through some, if not all, of these issues. 
You are NOT ALONE!
At MDForMen, working with guys with ED is what we do best!!
If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, remember that there are a variety of treatment options.
Call or email MDforMen right NOW to find out which ED treatment will work best for you!
Only a qualified Doctor and his staff can pinpoint the causes of ED and recommend a course of action to take.  
Contact MDforMen now and get started on the road back to good health and improved sexual performance.  


There are risks associated with all medical procedures with some being serious. We will talk to you about the treatments available and help you understand the risks and benefits associated with each option, and together choose the treatment that is right for you.

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