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What is Low-T?

What is Low T?

Low T is a condition that affects many men. In short, low testosterone is defined a man having a testosterone level below what is expected for his age. Because the testes produce less of this hormone as a man ages, older men naturally have less testosterone than younger men, but if it falls below what is expected or average for his age, it is considered to be a problem. In men’s health, low testosterone causes a series of serious concerns.

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But what causes low testosterone? Aside from aging, one of the most common low testosterone causes stems from the pituitary gland. This gland, because of a dysfunction or a congenital defect, does not relay the signal the testes need in order to produce the hormone. When the signal does not reach the testes, no testosterone is produced, resulting in Low T. This, along with a condition wherein the testes are dysfunctional and cannot produce any or enough testosterone, is called hypogonadism.

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