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What is Testosterone?

What is testosterone?

Simply put, testosterone is the male sex hormone. It is the hormone responsible for the characteristics of a person that make him male, ranging from an Adam’s apple to body hair to sex drive. It does, however, play a role in many other body functions, ones that we do not normally associate with a person’s sex. For example, it often dictates the distribution of a man’s fat layer, as well as how many red blood cells he produces and his bone density.

What Does It Do?

Young boys and young girls differ very little except for their reproductive organs. It is in puberty, when the body starts producing testosterone (in males) or estrogen (in females), that their bodies become vastly different. Though women do produce a small amount of testosterone, just as men produce a small amount of estrogen, naturally, the domination of testosterone in a male’s system is what builds muscle, powers the sex drive, and encourages the growth of body hair.

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Is it Important?

Produced in the testes, testosterone is vitally important, not just to a healthy sex life, but also for a man to be fertile and healthy overall. If the body does not produce enough testosterone, sperm cells will not be able to mature to a point where they can impregnate a woman’s egg. A lack of proper amount of testosterone (Low T) will also likely result in a low sex drive, excess weight, low bone mass, and even atrophy of muscles.

Low T Causes.

Production of this hormone naturally decreases beyond age thirty, but this change may be more drastic in some men than in others. In the case of low testosterone in young men, there may be a myriad of other causes, including a condition called hypogonadism, in which the testes do not produce enough testosterone to sustain the individual. Obesity and medications can also affect otherwise high testosterone production.

How to Increase Testosterone.Man sitting with legs drawn up, arms crossed on top, head buried in arms

There are plenty of ways to treat Low T. Testosterone pills is one of the most common ways, though it may not work in all individuals. Testosterone injections is another route that some men pursue, as well as testosterone replacement therapy. A natural testosterone booster is physical activity and losing weight—if there is extra weight to be lost. Contacting MDforMen and taking the proper tests to determine your testosterone levels is a good place to start.


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